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....this site is official site of the beautiful Out Island of Eleuthera, which includes the well-known cay, Harbour Island. Explore this site, with the above, drop-down menus for any info you are looking for, about

Eleuthera Has Great Vacation Rental Homes

......Eleuthera is known throughout the Bahamas for not only having the best beaches, but a fine collection of vacation rental homes.....if you need some help finding one, simply Email Us......

Surfer's Beach Lot for Sale ,

Surfer's Beach is known to be one of the best in Eleuthera, and most people visit it on their trips there, because it is so unspoiled, although difficult to access. That is why this lot for sale is special; it is not only on the next beach over from Surfer's Beach, it is one of the two lots who has the unique distinction of being able to build a stairway down to the beach.

All the land around Surfer's Beach is "Crown Land", which means government land, on which no-one will EVER build, so this lot is truly special. Go HERE to see maps and photos of the property, or EMAIL for information. Sale of the lot would include ownership of this website, as well as the domain name, www.eleuthera.com!


3 German dudes who travel the world, dive, and shoot professional video...in their words...

"We went to Eleuthera to shoot a short film about sharks and the invasive lionfish ... but also to discover the island above the water. We stayed with Janice and Al Curry from Oceanfox, who are wonderful people. And since they live on Eleuthera for quite some time, Al is the perfect guy to help us telling the story of our unforgettable trip to paradise."

The whole story of our trip to Eleuthera comes in four parts. This is part #1 focusing on the island itself.

Eleuthera #1: The Island from Behind the Mask on Vimeo.

#2: 'The Diving'

Dancing with Sharks from Behind the Mask on Vimeo.

#3: The Sharks

Preview #3 - Eleuthera, Bahamas: Sharks from Behind the Mask on Vimeo.

#4: Floating

Floating from Florian Fischer on Vimeo.

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